home The birth of Bhavani Associates was on a modest scale in 2003, it began with the vision of a small group of accountants. Bhavani Associates started with consulting and financial accounting automation. Since then, Bhavani Associates has utilized its experience and superlative expertise to go from strength to strength to better its services, to provide new ones, to innovate, diversify.
And in the process Bhavani Associates evolved as one of the best service enterprise. It is situated in a prime locality of Garden City of Mysore - Saraswathipuram. Bhavani Associates has a varied clientele base and catering its services to establishments like Pvt Ltd.Cos. Trade Businesses, Software Developers, Franchisees, NGO's, BPO's, Non-Trading Concerns, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Contractor Agencies etc. Bhavani Associates skillfully manages and administers non-core yet vital business processes according to defined metrics, continuously improving the processes and creating value at each stage. Bhavani Associates help better utilize Time, Money and resources and boost bottom line. Bhavani Associates offers solution that cut across verticals these services includes solutions for Finance, Accounting, H R Practices, Customer Contacts, Transaction processing, etc. Bhavani Associates combine experience and diverse domain expertise, with competency to create value in a collaborative relationship.
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workshop on TDS on Salaries & Features in TRACES On 20th August 2014, at 10AM Venue Kings Kourt Hotel, J L B Road, Mysore

ITD has issued salary circular for FY 2013-14. Go to e-TDS window or ITD website to download copy of the circular

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